Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) means a computer-aided extension of the reality perception. Camera views, pictures or videos are replenished with virtual objects. This technology was implemented into the “imos viewer” app and allows the user to visualize virtual furniture in real rooms. The camera function of the mobile device provides the real environment and imos 360 the 3D model, including material and color representation.

The furniture can be moved playfully in the room via the touchscreen. The customer gets a perfect impression how the furniture might look like in his own four walls. He can use the integrated E-Mail function to contact the manufacturer in cases of modification requests.
The different furniture designs can be recorded within the real environment. Then it is possible to share and discuss the images with friends on social media platforms.

Just download the „imos viewer“ app, which includes some examples, to try the function yourself.
An assistant for the perfect Augmented Reality experience is the imos “marker”. The marker scales and positions the furniture true to the original scale. Click here for the pdf.
Of course it is also possible to scale the furniture manually by the touchscreen function of iPhone or iPad.






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