Part labeling

Part labeling

Realizing the dynamics of the furniture industry, the development of machines, technologies and software products, we understand people working in the production. We know that with the great selection of products, materials and connectors, as well as trying to satisfy every client’s and designer’s needs, manufacturers are forced to produce literally everything.
There is nothing wrong with that when manufacturing and administration can produce effectively enough and not just increase the capacity so that you can produce everything. With the right investments and setups as well as know-how from leading producers of software, machines and technologies, you can achieve great effectiveness of work and machines.
To do that, you need to be able to identify the flow of supply chain management, starting from the details and articles in it.
Identification is possible with labels from the cutting stations and material optimization as a first step in a production chain.
Of course, we all use labels and some even barcodes, but do they contain the right information?
To identify details for all machines and positions – automated, semi-automated and manual, you need to input the following information:

1. Details material - manufacturer, thickness, code, color

2. Edging scheme

3. Order for edging

4. Name of edges - containing manufacturer, thickness, height, code

5. Name of detail

6. Name from assembly scheme (if there is one)

7. Drawer, to which the detail is assigned to – name of drawer and position in the project. Position is very im-portant because if there are two identical drawers, you need to be able to identify which detail goes to which drawer (packing station)

8. Length of grain

9. Width

10. Barcode 1 - unique code of detail in production. It is used for the initial processing on CNC machines and edging machines

11. Barcode 2 and possible Barcode 3 – second and third program for processing of details when there are drilling machines 

12. Production route - explanation of positions through which a detail should go. Production route is very important and ex-tremely complicated to set up, but this is an essential part of barcodes, when there is no automated line for navigating the way of details.

Based on our manufacturing experience, we believe that the information above is enough for a great deal of manufacturers and when set up correctly it can increase the effectiveness of your production to a large extent.
Creating such a label is not difficult, but the automatic filling by the constructor’s team is an essential element of the automation. Speaking of batch production, you can set up the information once and work without changing anything. But for individual projects the entire information of the label should come from the con-structors’ team.
Of course, we do not want to slow down constructors at the expense of production and have them detail eve-rything manually. The proposed label is filled in automatically with information from the imos CAD system. For more information and programming of such labels via Ardis or CutRite software products for optimiza-tion of materials, please contact us.

Note: We have intentionally highlighted the places for connecting edges and at the moment they are not right. 





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