MOS Consult and the DOMINO project for cooperation between business and education

The DOMINO project, under the partonage of the Bulgarian Ministery of Education and the Project for Swiss support for the implementation of principles of dual education in the bulgarian education system is an innovation initiative focusing on bridging the gap between education and business. The project's scope covers many different sectors and industries in many different cities in Bulgaria. 


MOS Consult, along with its demo factory for woodworking and furniture producers was one of the first participants in the Varna region for the sector that took part in this program showcasing good practises and workflow to young high-school students. 


We are very excited to be focusing on education, and after our masters program for students in the Technical University of Varna, the DOMINO project was the next logical step. Below are some of the pictures from the latest visit of highschool students to our demo factory. The students were able to see in depth the processes in a woodworking factory, from cutting, drilling and edging, to quality control, preparing for packing and shipping to a final client. The demonstration also covered and explained a lot about the software systems backing the entire process - imos CAD CAM - so students were able to see the traditional way of working along with the new modern approach under Industry 4.0, Networked production, and learn about factory automation. 






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