imos minimizes the risk. imos supports you in every project – from the initial presentation to making the sale. The idea can be easily shown in pictures. Every stage of working on components can be seen on your screen of your computer. Overview, functionality and the position of the connection technology can be presented visually, tested in advance and modified optimally. This offers security, decreases efforts and expenses. 




woodFactory 04

The woodFactory software optimizes the production processes of manufacturers working with HOMAG group machines. From production planning with optimal production materials, distribution of CNC files as well as feedback after the final assembly, using woodFactory increases transparency, effectiveness and control all while helping you optimize the production processes. 






2007 MA Software 2012 600x280 27899

Schnitt Profi(t) is a software that drastically optimizes the effectiveness of cutting the raw materials. Schnitt Profi(t) is compatible with ERP/ PPC systems and also provides an unmistakeable set of information from the initial offer all the way to delivery. Schnitt Profi(t)  allows you to speed up internal processes so that you have full control of all your data at any given time and optimize your production costs. You can trust our more than 30-year experience in developing our own software..





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