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Visual SchnittProfit 2012 180x108 25450

Cut Rite is a software that drastically optimizes the effectiveness of cutting raw materials. Cut Rite is compatible with ERP/ PPC systems and can also provides an unmistakable set of information from the initial offer all the way to delivery. Schnitt Profi(t)  allows you to speed up internal processes so that you have full control of all your data at any given time and optimize your production costs. You can trust our more than 30-year experience in developing our own software. Read more...



HOLZMA WEB 1000x600 CADmatic Titel 15437

CADmatic is the operation software for control of machines. Using CADmatic, HOMAG allows for an easily accessible and quick use of the software that controls the machines. This allows even newer and inexperienced workers to get familiar with the work process quickly. Read more...



HOLZMA WEB 1000x600 Visual Simulation 15433

The HOMAG products offer security in planning, defined power and set-backs and reduces a lot of costs. With the help of the simulation technology, machines and systems, and even entire production bases can be visualized as dynamic models. This allows for a more accurate prognosis of their behavior in a production program. Read more...




HOLZMA WEB1000x600 Barcode 18199

Automatic or semi-automatic production is unthinkable without an identification of details. As a rule, bar-codes are used for this purpose. They define the transportation of the object through the manufacturing cycle as well as the operations that need to be processed. This clear classification of details summarizes the production steps - transferring, sorting and transporting details. Read more...






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